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Character: Kumon Kaito
Age: 22
Canon: Kamen Rider Gaim
Canon Point: Post canon

Background: Kumon Kaito.

Personality: Kumon Kaito is your typical brooding alpha male and the leader of the Beat Rider group called Team Baron. While he has an air of controlled fierceness about him, he's able to channel that to help put his dance team on top. He does this because at the time this was a path for him to attain strength and be strong, the stage was a place for him to show that to others as well. But the entirety of his being pretty much revolves around becoming stronger and staying on top. Not because he wants to bully the weak, no, but because he wants to make sure that the weak aren't bullied by the strong. That they aren't trampled down and that they have those that are strong to protect them. But because he's often seen as an antagonist rather than an anti-hero, his intentions are often easily misread due to the fact that he does not explain the "why" of things; he doesn't explain the background of his motivations to achieve top rank in everything possible. Because initially he goes the route of making his team be the top team in Zawame city and using Inves battles to obtain territory in an effort to cut down on territory battles regarding actual fighting and people being hurt.

In essence he's very much the impulsive type; act now, explain later. Or never explain at all. He doesn't see the need to be known for why he does things, which again makes his intentions easily misunderstood. And he doesn't see the need to be understood by others on why he does this or that. All he cares about is that he accomplishes the things he sets out to do, that he reaches the goals he makes for himself. But the need for strength was instilled in him when the Yggdrasil company came in and took over Zawame City, paying his father a large amount for his company. His father became an alcoholic and abusive due to being spoiled and corrupted by money. In the end, his mother commits suicide by overdosing on pills and his father hangs himself in the backyard where Kaito finds him as a child. Because of this, Kaito grows up thinking that he has to become strong to get anything accomplished, to do anything worth anything. He also holds a strong hatred towards Yggdrasil due to the fact that they were the catalyst in him losing everything, his him, his family, his life.

Regardless of that, he also sees why what Yggdrasil did worked. And even though he hates Yggdrasil as a whole, his hatred of them is what fuels him into becoming the person he is today; arrogant, strong, expecting no help from anyone, relying on himself and his own skills and having an almost inhumanly strong will. However this is not the only side of him; though he can be rude, stand offish, seemingly uncaring, and harsh on everyone and anyone-- he does have a side that most don't see. He actually cares about his own dance team, and he has a soft spot for children. He will do anything he can to protect them. In fact it's because he cares about them that he works so hard to achieve as much power and strength as possible. So that he can be in the position to protect those that need to be protected. And despite the way he seems, he has a strong sense of honor and he despises cheating to win. He believes that victory should only be obtained fairly via his own merits and his own abilities. This, again, is easily misunderstood due to how he acts, how he thinks and what he shows of himself to others. On the outside, he seems to be someone who looks down on others, who is careless in regards to emotional and physical things. He seems constantly angry, harsh and unfeeling. But the truth of the matter is that it takes a long time for him to warm up to anyone, it takes a long time for people to see what's underneath the harsh surface of his personality. He's good at pushing people away, and he's good at dissuading people from thinking he has good intentions.

He is also the type of person to do what needs to be done to accomplish a goal. He doesn't have the naivete of the protagaonist, he sees people for who they are and what their flaws are. And because of this, there is a part of him that wants to make sure that people like that don't get ruined, that they can keep their mentality as is, but that is also balanced out by the fact that he is not easily forgiving and he rarely feels pity for anyone, or for himself for the matter. He pushes himself forward no matter what in search of the strength he needs to obtain his dream: a perfect world. It's because he has a dream for a perfect world that things happen the way they do. Due to the fact that he is at death's door (something only one person knew about), he decides to fuck it all and eat a Helheim fruit, hoping to at least be strong enough to defeat his enemy. When he eats it, he obtains the abilities and powers of an Overlord; an Overlord is a stronger version of an Inves, which is short of Invasive Species. They are basically the monster of the week in this series.

This, in fact, ruins him because he becomes drunk from that power and he decides to destroy humanity as a whole so that he can recreate a new world with a new species that won't trample down on the weak. His search for strength halts there because he believes he's attained what he needs to accomplish what he wants; his end game to end all games. All of the thing he's done, his motivations and his reasons come to a crux at this moment. However, this is flawed and he does things the wrong way, but even in the end he sees and understands that the main character, Kazuraba Kouta, is the one who will help decide humanity's fate. And because he is the type of person that wants to do things fairly, he engages Kazuraba Kouta in a fair fight to decide things. In the end, he loses his life, but before he dies he sees just how strong Kouta is and says so before he dies. His way of thinking changes due to this because in the future, he is brought back to life at least 2-3 times, and he fights alongside the main character each time to make sure that the world is saved and in the right hands.


- In canon Kaito has eaten the "forbidden fruit" which allows him a second monster form with a sturdier body of hard carapace called an Overlord. He has a connection to Helheim forest and its vegetation, increased strength as well as the ability to dissipate himself to a red mist for faster traveling as well as faster attacks.

- Kaito has both his Sengoku Driver and Genesis Driver and using these he can transform into an Armored Rider which is much like his Overlord form that allows him magnified strength as well as attacks. However, depending on what kind of lockseed he uses, the form changes and provides different abilities. For example, his banana lockseed will provide him with long distance fighting abilities as well as medieval banana spear and his mango lockseed will allow him tank-like short distance fighting abilities as well as a mango mace. His rose lockseed will provide him with none of those abilities and is basically just a motorcycle (without the ability to travel through worlds).

- Kaito has an almost inhuman strong will. For example, the two times he was brought back to life, he was supposed to be under the thumb and rule of the beings that brought him back to life. Brainwashed, in a way, and completely obedient. However, due to the fact that he has such a strong will, this did not happen and instead he pretended to be obedient in order to turn against those that brought him back and defeat them.

- Kaito is a very experienced dancer as well as fighter. In fact, the dancing probably helps in hand to hand combat because of how aware he is of his own body and how it moves and what its limitations are.

Alignment: Sosyne: I'm choosing this route because at the beginning of the series Kaito is an extremely angry and arrogant person. This gets increasingly worse as the series progresses before finally he ends up finding peace . . . after he dies. Although he still has a quick temper and such, he's much more calmer these days due to finding that peace of mind, to being able to fight side by side with Kazuraba Kouta (The main protagonist of Gaim), and the closure he gets from seeing how much hope there's still left for humanity.

Other: Lockseeds, Sengoku and Genesis Driver will be brought with him.


General Sample: TDM thread

Emotion Sample: this reply and this reply, as well as this one.



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